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The Amazing Society is a Social First agency.

People in general are tired of advertising on and offline. At the same time social networks have forced a new type of communication, both corporate and private. The communication that works well is truly welcoming and consumable. To disseminate a message brands need to create messaging with high levels of creativity, suited and timed for the chosen platform and audience. This is what The Amazing Society does.

Our name really means something to us. It is our innate goal. Deep in our corporate DNA you will find a passion for an Amazing Society for all. Our vision is to lead our industry to ensure that all messaging implicitly empowers the audience. We do this while at the same time ensuring great measurable results for our clients. We create brand strengthening messaging by taking social responsibility for our clients’ entire communication. We work daily to change our industry by fully digitising marketing while at the same time strengthening our world with wise messaging and sound ideas.

We call this Social First.
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For us it seems natural that strategists, creators and marketing specialists sit together under the same roof. Together we can always offer our client the correct skill set and the easily measurable models available independent of what phase the client is in. The message created must be relevant and adapted to the audience and platform. In addition, it must be created in such a way that ROI is both measured in real time and used for live campaign optimisation. Our methods create sustainable, transparent results.


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Amid us you will find the broadest and strongest expertise in modern marketing. We are a group of hungry, curious, bottom line focused, and agile specialists and we all share a deep love for the creative process. Among our employees you will find specialists focusing on - among other areas - film, design, concepts, analysis and placement. We challenge the status quo daily and create designs and campaigns in a new and more effective way. Together we all strive to help our clients’ reach previously unattainable levels of communication success!


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Be Amazing with us!

We have since the onset tried to create the worlds best work environment. And we are well on our way. We are wholly convinced that the best results are produced by a staff that is excited by their job, has the freedom to solve challenges in their own way and which feels that their tasks are worthwhile.

We will continue expanding. During the coming years we have a unique opportunity to grow as brands search for digital partners, a world we are born into rather than adapted to.

The Amazing Society is always looking for the most skilled people for all parts of the agency. If we have not listed a vacancy that suits you keep an eye on our social channels and here on the website! Hope to see you soon!